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Selling: Boost Your Appraisal Value

Low Appraisal Worries?                                                        When you are selling your home, the winning bidder’s lender will have an appraisal done to make sure the house is worth as much as the loan.  If a home is deemed to be worth less than than the offer amount, the sale of your home would be in jeopardy.  The banks are loaning the money, so they want to be safe.  Let’s take Albert the Appraiser for example… He gets an email to go evaluate the value of the home you just put under contract after a massive bidding war.  To him, it’s one of three houses he is going to appraise today so he goes online to start finding similar properties for comparison.  There are 5 or 6 houses that have sold recently so he records the data on size, rooms and other amenities.  He reviews the pictures of each of the properties and picks out the ones he is going to drive by before or after seeing your home.  Going inside each of the comparable homes isn’t an option, so Albert has