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The Relaxed Investor

Risk is all around us, but it only enters our thoughts when we have something to lose.  This is the starting point for understanding the mentality that hurts your chances of building a real estate portfolio that will someday allow for full retirement from the workplace. We all want a better future, a vision of stability and wealth... But not if we have to venture too far outside our comfort zone. Enlarging Your Comfort Zone If you think back to when you were a kid, then you understand that life is good when you are in familiar surroundings.  Playing in your neighborhood with long-time friends after school or on weekends is a comforting memory.  Or maybe it's a grandparent's house that you feel instantly welcome from the moment you step through the door.  These are good examples of a "comfort zone" type of place where you can be at peace and relaxed.  As an adult, we are now comfortable in many more places, with many more people, but the one thing all these

Is Your House Recession-Proof?

When you were shopping for your home, I doubt you were thinking about how hard (or easy) it would be to sell someday.  The fact is, that your home's value is dependent on current homebuyer demands, which changes when prices get too high.  But that is for all homes, so what's new!? Just as markets change, so do the buyers.  In good times, we have buyers of all types and price ranges coming out of the woodwork to purchase a home.  But in times like these, buyers start to cool off after hearing that home values are softening.  This mentality is what makes certain types of homes instantly lose value.  This mentality isn't necessarily bad since it's probably helpful in other areas of our lives, but this causes most people to take a "wait and see" approach.  Especially if you see homes around your neighborhood sitting on the market for too long and not selling. Just like the leftovers in your fridge, buyers may not take a bite out of a house that has sat on