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Making the Leap to a Real Home

Stop paying for the convenience of living in an apartment. Break out of the box and find a real home for you and your family.   Plan Your Escape...Make the Leap! Step 1 See Into The Future Allow us to run a data based simulation of your must-haves.  This will give you a 360 degree look at what your ideal home will cost and where/when you can find it available. Step 2 Get Pre-Approved This is based on current market standards for tenant criteria to save time and money.  Also see how you rank against other prospective tenants!  We do this to limit potential surprises, so rest easy and enjoy your pathway to leasing a home you will love.  Step 3 Let's Go Shopping! See real homes that are currently on the market! Walking through actual homes is the last step on the way to boosting your confidence prior to making a decision to terminate your apartment lease.  We can even show you homes that aren't currently for lease.  More homes, more options! N