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Want a FREE POOL? Then Start Your 2020 House Hunting Plans NOW!

If I really, REALLY want something I will find a way to justify buying it.  Like, "I'll only buy it if I can get a great deal and save loads of money."  I mean, it would be crazy not to buy it if it was discounted enough, right!? Imagine it... Your very own pool, with a spa.  Big summer pool parties, maybe a few laps in the morning for exercise... or relaxing evenings in the bubbles of your spa.... I can see why almost everyone wants one.  But who has 60k or more to spend on adding a new pool to their home? What about buying a home that ALREADY HAS A POOL...?  A home with a standard pool/spa typically costs about 20-30k more than a home without one.  So you get a nicer home that comes with a nice pool.    But wait,  there is a way to get a pool for essentially FREE, but it's not for everyone.   By bundling various discounts, you could save enough money that it's like getting the pool for free.  I have neatly compiled the "nuts & bolts" of