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Find Custom Perfect Homes Everywhere You Look!

In a Sea of Average Homes For Sale... Our blend of real estate and construction  gives  our clients more, for much less than retail. If you have ever shopped for a home...  At the beginning, very exciting.  After seeing 30 homes, starts feeling like a second job.  So many showings, so many wasted nights and weekends.  If your expectations were to get a home you would love, at this point a home you mostly like starts looking like a win. Should you compromise on your list  of needs & wants.... or   Get Exactly What You Want? Did you know that some sellers will allow a home buyer to include upgrades into the purchase price?  This isn't offered to the general public, but an expert real estate agent can negotiate that for you.  Real estate has many layers, with many buyers stuck with traditional ways to overcome the home shopping problems mentioned above.  What this means for you is that the amount of available homes just doubled!   See ugly paint, get