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What Kurt Russell & Albert Einstein taught me about Christmas.

On Netflix, there is a movie with Kurt Russell as Santa Claus.  So I watched it (with the kids of course), but it had a slightly different twist on how Santa is able to get to ALL the kids of the world in one night.  “The Christmas Chronicles” movie used a time machine gimmick to slowww time down to get the presents delivered.  And THAT got me thinking… How can we slow down and enjoy this season? Option 1:  Study the Department of Motor Vehicles, libraries and school detention to find out how they have mastered the art of making time drag on and on. Option 2:  Tap into Einstein's theory of relativity to change how we perceive time and simplify our focus on the best parts of this Christmas. Ahaaa! Courtesy of, the theory of relativity.... " The theory is deceptively simple. First, there is no "absolute" frame of reference. Every time you measure an object's velocity, or its momentum, or how it experiences time, it's alwa
Where Do Family Holiday Memories Happen? Written by Gloria Vester This time of year we tend to reminisce about all the great holidays we have spent with our families.  Time washes our memories with it's healing powers as we tend to remember more of the good times than the unpleasant ones.  Which  favorite holiday memories first come to mind?     I remember the big family dinners, especially the day before preparation.  All the women in the kitchen, each assigned tasks based on their strengths.  Some cleaning the silver and washing the crystal, others making the hor d'oeuvres - pimento cheese stuffed celery, chips and dips, vegetable trays.  Sill others preparing the main course and side dishes for the next day.  The laughter and conversations, catching up on what has been going on in each family group during the past year.  And of course there was wine and cocktails.   Then on the day of the big meal, the women are still in the kitchen, enjoying each other's compa