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Recipe for the Perfect Thanksgiving

Perfect doesn't have to mean PERFECT.  Is the smell of pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven perfect?  What about seeing so many of your favorite people all in one place, at one time? The best Thanksgiving recipe we will enjoy this year is made up of people, food, and fun in "perfect" harmony for a day of expressing thanks.  My purpose in sharing this post is to step away from the selling of homes for a moment to focus on enjoying them... on Thanksgiving! Memories Re-Lived It's funny how certain smells or tastes take us back in time.  Like remembering the smell of grandma's turkey stuffing cooking in the oven.  Revisiting these memories is a deja vu experience of joy and warmth.  THIS really is the best!  Bringing past memories alive again with this year's Thanksgiving meal.  Better yet?  Watching these joyful moments wash over our kids' faces as we enjoy all of this together.  It's the START of their memories.  More than just a meal, this Thanks

Hottest Dallas Suburbs for Owning Rental Homes? [Interactive Map]

Want to build your real estate empire?  Start by pinpointing which areas to target!   Click on each city in this interactive map to learn more. So how did we come up with this info?   We took a look at the Average Cost of Each Home versus Average Rental Rate to come up with a yearly return percentage.  This is done by taking the yearly average rental rate total and dividing it by the average cost of a home in that city.  To simplify the data, we chose to focus on 3 bedroom, 2 bath starter homes using sales/rental data from July - Sept, 2019. When these two performance metrics are put up against each other, you can use this info to find out which cities are best for building your rental real estate empire.  Use these tips to take the next step... Tip #1 - Work Smarter, Not Harder. Seasoned investors know that time wasted is opportunity lost, so gain efficiency in your property search by using this data as a spotlight to focus your energy.  If you only have a few hours ea