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10 BIG Lifestyle Upgrades for Renters

What are the key ingredients for a great childhood?

1. One-on-One Time in the Kitchen. The time it takes to prepare a meal is the time we have some special moments with our kids.  Making cookies together is a sure way to get their undivided attention!

2. Neighborhood Pals.  Give your kids a safe place to play and develop the friendships that stick with us for a lifetime.  There is no better feeling than finding out one of your friends from school lives just a few houses down the street!

3. A Guest Room!  Give Grandma & Grandad a place to stay when they are in town.  Big breakfast with everyone sitting around the table, those are some precious moments!

4. Adopt a Family Dog!  Your new family member will love playing with the kids in the backyard or going on walks around the neighborhood.  Protection, companionship, puppy kisses... that's the good life.

5. Don't Pay for Storage Anymore! Put all the extra family "stuff" you have in the attic or garage.

6. Dedicated Spaces for homework, reading or arts & crafts.  Most young scholars are easily distracted in shared spaces, so carve out some room just for them.

7. Neighborhood Pool or Playground!  Lease a home in a nice subdivision to unlock some fun amenities that only you and your neighbors can access.  The yearly dues are paid by the property owner, so your family is free to enjoy all of this at no additional cost.  What's the difference between an apartment pool or one found in a subdivision?  Less random people, more families and all your kid's neighborhood friends will be there.

8. A "Toy-Free" Family Room!  Give all the gadgets, gizmos and beeping robots a new home, someplace

9. Party Time!   Birthday parties, team get-togethers or just hosting elaborate soire close family and friends... mean no more wasted money at Chuck-E-Cheese's or Nickelrama.  Avoid a hundred other kids at those party places, so your little ones can have a truly special birthday.  Outside of birthdays, enjoy grilling out and relaxing in your own space year round.

10.  Limitless Backyard Possibilities!  Camp out under the stars, plant a vegetable garden, play catch, hang a bird house or whatever!  It's a safe space for you and your family to get creative and have fun.

Don't think twice about staying where you are at!  Spend quality time making memories as a family, in a real home.  Start drawing up your list of must-haves to share with us right away!

Need to put in a 30 or 60 day lease termination notice?
Take the guesswork out of this transition by reading more here.

Written by Timothy Henley, Texas Broker and Realtor. 
Call or Email!  Direct: 972-805-6601  Email:


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