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The 90 Day Custom Perfect Home

"Where have all the good homes gone?" 

     Hundreds of homes may be for sale right now but there is an extreme shortage of really good ones!  Instead of getting what they really want, most buyers are forced to compromise in one of two ways.  They either settle for a somewhat move-in ready home OR spend much more than they intended to compete with other buyers for the one amazing home that hits the market every few weeks.  For buyers expecting this process to be simple & easy, it can be a big let down.

But wait.. A third option exists!  And it's the one that will pick up that disheartened buyer and meet their romantic expectations for owning a truly amazing home.  All within a few short months!

This example shows a beautiful "Santa Fe" look & feel while featuring a sister shade of the Sherwin Williams color of the year, Cavern Clay.  Our client started with a vision, then we found a house that we could transform to meet her design goals.  She saved tens of thousands on the purchase, which gave her a sizable budget to make some big changes!

So what are the chances she could have found a home like this on the market?  
Pretty, pretty slim.

The "90 Day Custom Perfect Home" program was developed to give regular folk the chance to have home that they really want.  Most people assume that this is difficult, but it's the exact opposite... It's actually easier than the traditional purchase process.

Save Time

Let's pretend you are shopping for a home this weekend.  You would spend 5 hours each day to see 8 to 10 homes for sale.  It's crazy to think that many buyers do this each weekend to find the best home, then submit their offer to try and capture it.  The only problem here is that there are no less than a dozen other buyers doing the SAME THING.  Only one can get the best home, and the rest go home to watch their phones for new home listing notifications.  Is this insane?  THIS is why the above-average home buyer spends over 110 days shopping for a house. [There is no data available to tell how many of them actually buy a home they love... or just one they mostly like.]

Save Money

Calculate how long it takes you to earn 10,000 dollars.  It is 1.2 months...maybe 2 months?  When we put money is terms of COST, we start to get a tad bit more frugal with how we spend it.  As uncomfortable as it is to be different and do different, this is the amount of money you could easily save by choosing to own a home you love.

Here are some before shots.  Could you have seen the potential in this one?

And the after shots!  With the savings from purchasing a boring, bland home, that is what made this drastic transformation possible.

The process is simple and easily fits within 90 days.  We start with your core home needs (size, location), then build a list of upgrades you want in your home.  Very rarely do buyers know what they want, so we spend time building that vision by seeing "example homes" that are usually way out of their price range!  The point is to fall in love with what you want your home to look like.  After developing your vision into 3D digital renderings of each space, we put together a list of homes on the market right now that have the potential to become exactly what you want.  Did you know? Renovation costs for this program are included in your home loan! And low down payments make your custom home even easier to acquire.

So what's holding you back?

If you like the idea getting more for less, learn more here!


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