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Why is it SO HARD to find a Good Budget Custom Builder?

It's NOT easy finding a good builder.  Some are too big to do budget custom builds, others too small to depend on.  Out of 30 builders I called in March, only one stood out.  While most retail builders  never even returned my call, he was willing to meet me for coffee.

The hardest part of sizing someone up is figuring out who the man is behind "the job title".  I think we have all presented the best version of ourselves in job interviews, dating or high school reunions.  So the first step in any good "size-up" is to ask lots of questions, many levels deep, to get to the real stuff.   

The year is 1989, and TW and his wife are babysitting the children of a young couple who just moved into their new home.  Funny enough, in college he had studied child development, so he often offers to watch his clients' kids so their parents can have a night out to celebrate their new home.  These people must have really loved TW, because they took him up on it.  That's a pretty good story, and funny too!  As he talks me about it, I can tell he is reliving this fun moment from ages ago.  I can also tell that he's a genuinely good guy.  He comes across as the really cool teacher with cheesy jokes mixed into explanations of how he helps people design their next home.    

Random tidbits I learned about TW Bailey of Bailey Family Builders.
  • He builds custom homes in all areas of the metroplex with an emphasis on Green Building, energy efficient and healthy home construction methods.
  •  His career in the housing industry began in the 80’s with Doyle Wilson Homes in Plano.
  • T.W. is a past president of the Community Preservation and Revitalization Council of Plano and co-founder of the Plano Building Code Advisory Council.
  • He is An Honored Life Director of the Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas and was President of the Home Builders Association of Great Dallas in 2007.
  • His National Association of Home Builders Industry Certifications include CAPS, Certificated Aging in Place Specialists and CSP, Certificated Sales Professional, CGB, Certified Graduate Builder, GMB, Graduate Master Builder, CGR, Certified Graduate Remodeler, CGP, Certified Green Professional.
  • T.W. and his wife Linda have raised five children and are the proud Grandparents of thirteen, 8 girls and 5 boys.

After our interview meeting, he has started helping us work with buyers for our 1 acre listing in Celina.  He's been able to handle pretty much any build plan I have thrown at him, including our Together Family Home product that is for families with two homes on one home site.  He has a full bio and over a dozen references that he will gladly share with you.  

Here is his contact info if you need his services!

Phone: 972-816-4955


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