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The Relaxed Investor

Risk is all around us, but it only enters our thoughts when we have something to lose.  This is the starting point for understanding the mentality that hurts your chances of building a real estate portfolio that will someday allow for full retirement from the workplace.

We all want a better future, a vision of stability and wealth... But not if we have to venture too far outside our comfort zone.

Enlarging Your Comfort Zone
If you think back to when you were a kid, then you understand that life is good when you are in familiar surroundings.  Playing in your neighborhood with long-time friends after school or on weekends is a comforting memory.  Or maybe it's a grandparent's house that you feel instantly welcome from the moment you step through the door.  These are good examples of a "comfort zone" type of place where you can be at peace and relaxed.  As an adult, we are now comfortable in many more places, with many more people, but the one thing all these places have in common is the predictability of the surroundings.  So it only makes sense that as we make the idea of real estate investing more familiar, we can learn that it's predictability is worth a long look as you consider which investments are stable enough to add to your "comfort zone".

An Engagement Mindset

Before you get married, people generally get engaged.  It's the last step before taking the plunge into a life-long commitment.  This is the same type of mindset that any investor who is a good steward of their savings needs to have.  Just as there is no "easy button" for developing a great marriage, the same is true for anyone wanting to grow their life-long savings into the category of generational wealth.  Trusting others to manage your money only makes sense if there are people worth the trust you place in them.  So choose the higher path, the one that calls you to learn and grow in knowledge.  If you can commit to this, we are overjoyed to share our hard-fought wisdom with full transparency.  Trust is earned, and this is as good of a place to start than any.

Intentional Steps Forward
Goals paint the picture of what your finish line may look like, but how do you know which goals to set?  If you know that 5 fully-performing rental properties is what it will take to retire, then make that your goal.  Maybe your vision of the finish line involves flipping homes or building houses to rapidly grow your investment dollars.  These thoughts may sound outlandish, but it's only because of the current size of your comfort zone.  We start at the beginning and help you see the pathway before setting foot on the path.  The point is to see where you are going and take steps to get there.

Staying the Course
Want to see a relaxed investor that is moving towards their goals with ease?  They have a well thought out plan and are carrying out the steps over and over again.  It's a formula, a recipe that is followed to bring about a desired effect.  There is an immense sense of enjoyment from building wealth slowly and surely.  Shortcuts are a myth, so the sooner you start this journey the better.

The First Step
Everyone can do something to take the first step now instead of later.  It starts with an understanding, not with money... With a desire and focus to make a change in your current trajectory.  So add your email to our mailing list to receive more info (link to our investor webpage) or pick up the phone and ask me some questions.  The ball is in your hands, so be bold.  Start with any step forward.  The feeling is so satisfying, you may make a habit of it.  


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