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Recipe for the Perfect Thanksgiving

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Perfect doesn't have to mean PERFECT.  Is the smell of pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven perfect?  What about seeing so many of your favorite people all in one place, at one time? The best Thanksgiving recipe we will enjoy this year is made up of people, food, and fun in "perfect" harmony for a day of expressing thanks.  My purpose in sharing this post is to step away from the selling of homes for a moment to focus on enjoying them... on Thanksgiving!

Memories Re-Lived
It's funny how certain smells or tastes take us back in time.  Like remembering the smell of grandma's turkey stuffing cooking in the oven.  Revisiting these memories is a deja vu experience of joy and warmth.  THIS really is the best!  Bringing past memories alive again with this year's Thanksgiving meal.  Better yet?  Watching these joyful moments wash over our kids' faces as we enjoy all of this together.  It's the START of their memories.  More than just a meal, this Thanksgiving will be even better as a memory for years to come.

People You Love
As far as recipes go, this one is no different.  The ingredients that make a dish AMAZING are sometimes the hardest to work with.  It's no secret that people are a mess, and that includes me and you! The best advice I've heard about family is to enjoy the few precious moments with them while we can because they won't always be with us.  When we think of it like that, maybe we are even more thankful to have people in our lives, messiness and all.   If the prerequisite for being in your family was perfection, then we wouldn't even be accepted!  Love is PERFECT, so it can cover over all of our flaws for the sake of joy, peace, and grace.  The together family is filled with overflowing love!

Image result for thanksgiving pie"Something to Look Forward to...
The anticipation of so many great things makes me giddy, just thinking of the upcoming event.  Together, planning and preparing for the BEST MEAL EVER is as much as part of the day than the day itself.  Pecan pie is the one thing I want every Thanksgiving.  I'm sure you have something like this, but this is MY something to look forward to.  What's yours?  No matter your something, waiting for it makes it even more special when the moment arrives where you finally get to enjoy it.  And enjoy it to the full!  Together!

The Power of Gratitude changes us from the inside out.  For example, we start by being thankful for food.  Then in focusing on how special it is to have a meal like this, we realize just how awesome the food really is!  Then a deeper Thanksgiving happens as we reach a more potent level of appreciation.  It's pretty mind-blowing how life gets sweeter as we enjoy it more!  What else can we find to be thankful for?


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