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Want a FREE POOL? Then Start Your 2020 House Hunting Plans NOW!

If I really, REALLY want something I will find a way to justify buying it.  Like, "I'll only buy it if I can get a great deal and save loads of money."  I mean, it would be crazy not to buy it if it was discounted enough, right!?

Imagine it... Your very own pool, with a spa.  Big summer pool parties, maybe a few laps in the morning for exercise... or relaxing evenings in the bubbles of your spa.... I can see why almost everyone wants one.  But who has 60k or more to spend on adding a new pool to their home?

What about buying a home that ALREADY HAS A POOL...?  A home with a standard pool/spa typically costs about 20-30k more than a home without one.  So you get a nicer home that comes with a nice pool.   But wait,  there is a way to get a pool for essentially FREE, but it's not for everyone.  By bundling various discounts, you could save enough money that it's like getting the pool for free.  I have neatly compiled the "nuts & bolts" of how this works below.

#1 - Pool Home Values "Take a Dip" in the Winter.

Compared to the summer, pool homes do lose quite a bit of value if they are sold in the winter.  It's less about the loss of value in the winter and MORE about how buyers go "Ga-Ga" in the summer over a beautiful, refreshing body of water in their own backyard.  If it's hot enough outside to perspire, then a home with a pool is what you will desire.  Just like food tasting better when you are hungry, a pool is never as appetizing than when it's the heat of the summer.   Buyers forget about the enormous value a pool brings when it's winter time.

#2 - How a Little UGLY Goes a Long Way

Only read this if you really want to know how real estate values work, it's pretty heady stuff.   Just like the adage, "buy low, sell high", you have to see the future value of something in order to purchase the embedded potential in that property.  Combine this thinking with the truth that most buyers will never purchase an ugly home, even if it has a perfect pool.  It's easy to say then, that there are fewer buyers for a property like this, so a seller must discount the price in order to attract a buyer.  This is the cornerstone of getting the kind of savings that turn into a "free" pool.  

By buying a property that has an outdated, boring house with a great pool, you could use part of the savings to update the house (make it "Custom Perfect") and keep the rest of that initial discount as walk-in equity.

#3 - What It Looks Like to Actually Do This.

Here are some discounted pool homes for you to explore.  After clicking on the dropped pin, there is a link that takes you to the listing at the bottom of the pop-up window.

This is where the process starts for most buyers.  They see homes online and then spend nights and weekends going to home after home until they find a good one.  The big difference for our clients is our unique approach to home shopping.  It's kind of like sending out an exploratory committee to find what you are looking for... We go out and video the possible homes for our clients so they save time and frustration during the home shopping process.  It's all a part of our filtering process that begins with setting "livability standards" for how your ideal home should look & feel, but going further than that, we examine layouts and neighborhoods to make sure they fit how you do life.  You can read more about our buyer services here...

LASTLY - What to Do with that House that Came with the Pool?

You have seen enough reality TV shows about home renovations to know that homes can be transformed into something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what they looked like in the beginning.  So the homes that we pick out for you will be based more on their potential to meet your needs & wants than how the house looks right now.  This is an important part of getting a large discount.  Because the bigger the discount, the more money we will have to work with to make you a home that is truly special and unique.  Another interesting tidbit...  We start designing your future home BEFORE we find it.  This means that your design and layout vision will guide us towards the houses that have the potential to become your future home.  It's a streamlined, 3-4 month process that is easy to navigate, with guidance and coaching along the way.  If there is ever something to be intentional about, it's where you spend the majority of your life... At home.

Investigate this opportunity for yourself and give me a call if you want even more info.  Read more about the Custom Perfect Home program right here.

Timothy Henley
Texas Realtor & Broker
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